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Bay Bank was founded in 1995 by the Oneida Nation and a group of five Green Bay area business men.  They intended to provide the Green Bay area community with a locally controlled financial institution.  This institution would be free from bank mergers and consolidations that were becoming common to the larger financial institutions.

In 2000 the Oneida Nation became the sole owner of Bay Bank which had already grown to $65 million in assets. The operations and policies of the bank remained similar to before the purchase, except Bay Bank now provided more federally funded programs to directly assist tribal members.  In addition, Bay Bank and the Oneida Nation developed some unique mortgage and entrepreneurial programs to assist Oneidas in obtaining housing and starting business ventures.

Bay Bank is the only Green Bay bank to offer the HUD Section 184 Indian Housing Loan Guarantee Program for "Fee Simple, Leased, or Trust Properties."  This loan offers any Native American that is part of a federally recognized tribe an opportunity to own a home.  These loans feature low down payments, flexible underwriting, no minimum or maximum income requirements, long-term fixed mortgages, and no PMI.  Loans may be used for purchases, refinancing, construction, and home improvements.  Bay Bank has originated over 65 million dollars in HUD loans since 2005.

Bay Bank also administers a unique program referred to as the Oneida Small Business Project 2000.  Through the OSBP 2000, Bay Bank has successfully delivered over 5 million investment dollars to over 100 Oneida small business entrepreneurs.  Bay Bank provides support to the applicants in order to insure the small business owner's success.

Bay Bank is committed to exceeding customer expectations by providing exceptional customer service. The true care and concern for customers portrayed by representatives of Bay Bank is what makes this bank a true competitor in the financial market.  Representatives deliver sound financial advice while assisting customers with the personal respect they deserve.

Today, Bay Bank has assets of nearly $85 million and a staff of 27 people.  Bay Bank is one of Northeastern Wisconsin's major forces in terms of mortgage loans, consumer loans, and commercial loans services.

About Us

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