Business Checking

Gain control of your finances by choosing a checking account that makes sense for your business. At Bay Bank, we work to understand your goals and help you reach them.


All of our business checking accounts include:

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ProductSmall Business Checking

Regular Business Checking

Key Features
  • First 30 checks or debits and 50 deposited items free
  • Free Deposit Tickets


Minimum to Open $1,000 Minimum Initial Deposit  $100 Minimum Initial Deposit
Minimum Balance $1,000 Minimum Balance Required  No Minimum Balance Requirement
Visa Business Debit Card Upon Approval X X

Service Charge

  • $7 monthly service charge if minimum monthly balance requirement is not maintained
  • $.25 per check or debit above 30 items
  • $.08 per deposit item above 50 items
  • $8 monthly service charge
  • $.30 per deposit
  • $.18 per check written
  • $.08 per check deposited


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