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Frictionless and unobtrusive security designed to protect consumers while deterring fraudsters.


Security and protection are vital features when it comes to banking. We have launched a new log in security feature that will integrate stronger cybersecurity features, while ensuring you have a positive banking experience.

How Does This New Security Feature Work?

This additional layer of protection confirms not only your credentials, but also the device you are using during log in. If the system detects a new device or suspicious activity, you may be asked to verify your identity with a one-time passcode via text or phone call.

How do I Set This Up?

Set up is simple. When you log into your Online Banking account through our website or Mobile Banking app, you will be asked to set up your verification phone number and choose your preferred delivery method – text message or phone call. You will then receive a text message or phone call letting you know “Bay Bank Verification Codes Activated.”

Am I Required to Set This Up?

Yes, your enrollment in this new security process is required.

Is This Replacing the Current Security Challenge Questions?

Yes, this new security process will replace the current Security Challenge Questions.

Why the Change?

Cybercriminals are constantly developing new methods to steal your personal data and are getting more sophisticated with each passing day. As such, we’ve chosen to adapt and evolve to stay one step ahead of those threats.

Will This Affect the Mobile Banking App?

Yes, the same new security set up and process will apply to logging in via our Mobile Banking App.

Can I Register or Change my Verification Phone Number from the Mobile Banking App?

No. You must log into Online Banking via our website to update your verification phone number. Or call Customer Support at 844-490-7600 and our team will be happy to assist you.

Is There a Cost?

There is no cost to you for this additional protection. It is part of our ongoing commitment to keeping our account holders and their accounts safe and secure.


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